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Cardiology Solutions, from Cardinal Health, takes the worry out of owning and operating your own nuclear imaging lab and provides a resource for everything from clinic start-up to daily management, assisting you with equipment purchasing, staffing options, regulatory requirements, medical and health physics, reimbursement, department management systems, and more. We have several turnkey options for you to choose from: lab set-up only, lab set-up and manage, and management services only.

Cardiology Solutions Overview
Cardiology Solutions simplifies the challenge of owning and operating your own nuclear imaging lab, with a complete array of options offered by professionals who know your business.


Start-up Solutions - to meet your individual needs
Cardiology Solutions will help you start your own office-based nuclear cardiac imaging lab - providing just as much assistance as you need or want. Review our comprehensive menu of available services and equipment.
Complete Turnkey Lab Setup for Cardiology Clinics
Setup & Department Management - Fee-Per-Scan. No upfront capital required.
Fee-Per-Scan Program FAQ


ICANL Accreditation
Cardinal Health, the leading provider of products and services in the healthcare industry, is now at the forefront of companies offering ICANL Accreditation Services. ICANL is the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Nuclear Medicine Laboratories.
ICANL Accreditation Program
ICANL Services Program FAQ


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