Only Cardinal Health Offers The Total Solution™
The Total Solution™ is what you get from America's #1 radiopharmacy services provider. It starts with our Unit Dose Service, which guarantees the highest quality standards and delivery of the right dose, at the right place, at the right time. Then it adds a list of value-added services, including safety solutions, department management, operational excellence, professional consultation and IT solutions for your nuclear medicine department or clinic.

Further enhancing the value and service we offer to the customers, The Total Solution™ brings you a wide array of expanded solutions, including PET, staffing, complex pharmaceuticals and continuing education. It is why Cardinal Health dispenses 65% of all radiopharmaceutical unit doses in the United States - nearly 10,000,000 doses a year.

Operational Excellence
Our commitment to solve problems and create greater efficiencies for customers in every aspect of their business

Industry Leadership
Cardinal Health sets the standard for quality, convenience, and innovation for the radiopharmaceutical industry

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