No one has more expertise in all aspects of radiopharmaceuticals than Cardinal Health’s team of professional consultants. Whether it’s a question about a weight-appropriate dose of a radiopharmaceutical, an evaluation of the safety of the shielding in your hot lab, an issue of reimbursement, or a marketing plan for your new PET facility, Cardinal Health has top-notch professionals to provide the expert advice you need, and the organizational resources to provide this expertise wherever you are.

Cardinal Health consultants, available through Nuclear Pharmacy Services’ group of businesses — Medical Imaging Staffing Services, Radiation Management Services, Medical and Health Physics Services, and Nuclear Oncology Services, are more than current in their field. In many cases they are defining the radiopharmaceutical field: developing and evaluating safer packaging for radiopharmaceuticals, providing guidance to regulatory agencies about appropriate safety for labs and facilities, and developing information systems that greatly simplify reporting.

Cardinal Health’s professional consultants include the nation’s largest network of radiopharmacists, an unrivaled team of medical/health physicists, information management and reimbursement specialists, and clinical consultants with the expertise to build and sustain safe, successful nuclear medicine practices.

Pharmacy Consultation
What dose should I use for this pediatric patient? Can I do study A before study B? Cardinal Health’s radiopharmacists are available 24 hours a day to answer a wide range of questions about nuclear medicine. They’re not just experts in radiopharmaceuticals. They’re also experts in the technology of nuclear medicine.

Health Physics Consultation
Cardinal Health’s nationwide team of health physicists provide a comprehensive range of services. This includes quality control procedures, calibrations, quality assurance, imaging resolution, and record keeping processes necessary for the operation of your medical imaging department. Whether it’s nuclear medicine services, such as license preparation or dose calibrator testing, or diagnostic radiology services, such as evaluation and acceptance testing or fetal dose estimates, Cardinal Health’s health physicists can provide the high-quality services you need.

Information Management
Cardinal Health’s proprietary department management system makes it easy to track billing, costs, calibration history of equipment, and other matters, electronically.

Reimbursement Information
Cardinal Health representatives understand local and national standards for reimbursement. They work with Cardinal Health customers to develop the appropriate coding and language to maximize reimbursement. Cardinal Health’s PET Foundations program offers a particularly thorough reimbursement analysis program to PET customers.

Cardinal Health’s marketing program for Nuclear Cardiology practices, and PET Foundations, the program for PET practices, are building safe, successful practices nationwide.

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