Whenever you need help with medical imaging staffing, it makes sense to call the Medical Imaging Staffing Services of Cardinal Health.

Cardinal Health, with a nationwide reputation for excellence, takes the worry out of medical imaging staffing by providing a team of certified technologists. These experts, whose specialties include CT, MRI, PET, X-ray and Nuclear Cardiology, are available for anything from a few hours to a few months, or on a permanent basis. Because they are familiar with a wide range of equipment, thereís no learning curve, or downtime.

Medical Imaging Staffing Services professionals can do health physics audits and make sure youíre in regulatory compliance. They assist with licensing and reimbursement, or staff your department on a full-time basis, so you donít have to deal with benefits, taxes and other time-consuming paperwork. They focus on the goal of continuous operation to maximize revenue at your facility.

Turnkey Solutions
If youíre looking for a turnkey solution, Cardinal Health can order all of your equipment, maintain it, write your license and do the audit. Cardinal Health can set up an entire department from the ground up and run it on a daily basis.

Nuclear Cardiology Staffing
If youíre a cardiologist thinking about starting your own nuclear imaging practice, Cardinal Healthís cardiology planning department can take you through the steps you need to become established. Cardinal Health can assist you in selecting equipment and a location, in obtaining a license, in evaluating health physics criteria, and in staffing.

PET Staffing
If youíre a radiologist interested in establishing a PET practice, Cardinal Health can provide staff, equipment, radiopharmaceuticals, and a proven practice development plan that can help you establish a safe, successful PET facility.

Whether you retain Medical Imaging Staffing Services professionals on a part-time, full-time, or short-term basis, youíll find professionals who know the ins and outs of your business, how to help you run it more efficiently, and make it grow. Thatís because the Medical Imaging Staffing Services business of Cardinal Health maintains high standards in hiring, and a corporate culture committed to excellence.

Cardinal Health also works to alleviate the shortages of certified professionals, by recruiting professionals and promoting Continuing Education courses.

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